A Decade of Follies

The Follies Trust is celebrating its 10th birthday with a new publication A Decade of Follies: the first ten years of the Follies Trust (2006-16) Edited by Dr Evelyn Mullally it describes projects undertaken by, or with the assistance of the Follies Trust, and not covered in previous publications. It also looks to the future and mentions projects the Trust would like to undertake.



Launch of A Decade of Follies: the first ten years of the Follies Trust

On 6th October 2016 Mary Hanna launched the publication in the Irish Architectural Archive in Dublin. She explained how she came across a publication in Spain by a group who decided, in 1995, to record, restore and repair as many religious Romanesque buildings in the Alberes mountains as they could. They started with little other than enthusiasm and spirits that refused to be daunted and overcame many difficulties; their book was a celebration of ten years of their endeavours. Mary drew parallels with the Follies Trust which was also showcasing ten years of hard work and dedication. She added that while the Rock of Cashel and the Alhambra might be among Ireland & Spain’s iconic historic buildings ‘the structures rescued by the Follies Trust and similar dedicated groups throughout the world represent a layer of heritage which is stitched into the fabric of our past, telling smaller but no less important stories’.

On 13 October Brian Mackey launched the Decade of Follies book in the Irish Linen Centre/ Lisburn Museum. In a tribute to the work of the Trust he said that five publications ‘in a period of 10 years is in itself remarkable testament to its work and taken together with its prospecting for projects, its fundraising, its well chosen lectures and its outings – the folly jollies as they are here described, – a full picture of a very well managed organisation emerges from the pages of this book.’ Brian thanked Evelyn Mullally for a skilfully edited text and said that ‘the well researched articles are a delight to read, imparting knowledge, enthusiasm, pleasure and satisfaction at the completion of often difficult projects’.

He concluded, ‘with apologies to Wordsworth* – and looking at the beautiful photograph on the front cover of the Tower at Mullagh Hill – that thanks to the Follies Trust:

‘Mausolea, obelisks, towers, watch and bathing huts now lie Conserved for joyful pleasure, under an Irish sky. May I wish this publication the success it clearly deserves and ask you to raise your glass to the Follies Trust’.


Review of A Decade of Follies in Living Design Magazine

A Decade of Follies has been reviewed by Paul Harron in the Royal Society of Ulster Architects’ magazine Living Design. You can read the whole article here.